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Your Vehicle Will Not Start?

Few things invoke panic and dread like a car that won't start. We've all been there: sitting in the driver's seat, late for work, only to turn the key with no effect. You jiggle, pull, plead, and cajole, but nothing works and your car's not starting. Now what? Unless you're an amateur mechanic, there's little you can do to get your car on the road.

There can be many reasons why your car or truck will not start. There is a difference between not starting and not running. If the vehicle will turn over like it has run out of gas that usually eliminates the battery, starter or alternator. Then we have to test for an electrical or fuel problem. When it will not spin the engine for startup, it can be the battery, alternator, starter or wiring. Rest assured that the expert ASE certified technicians at Prairie Road Automotive can test and diagnose your electrical or fuel problems accurately and professionally.

What you can do is Listen to what your vehicle does.

When you turn the key, what do you hear? Nothing? A hum? A click-click-click noise? Noting these noises and explaining them to our service advisors can help the technician diagnose your vehicle which can Save you time and money.

Gas Smell

A raw gas smell while attempting to start your car can be a key sign of a serious and dangerous problem. Any time you smell raw gas do not try to start it. If a fuel line, injector or another component is leaking there is a possibility of fire. Just turning on the ignition could cause a spark to ignite a fire. Do not turn key on or try to start car again!

There can be many different problems from electrical trouble, fuel related or even engine damage that can occur with little or no prior noticeable signs to warn you. Leaving you stranded with a car that won't start or run. Unfortunately, many issues are challenging to diagnose on the side of the road. Just give us a call and we can work you through your problem. When you want to be sure your vehicle is in the most reliable condition, the experts at Prairie Road Automotive are here to help. Boasting comprehensive service for virtually any make or model, we'll always care for your vehicle, no matter what the issue at hand is. Contact us at (541) 688-3346 with any questions or schedule your service and see what we can do for you!

Prairie Road Automotive - Eugene Brake Service

Do not attempt to drive a vehicle with faulty brakes! Do You Need a Brake Repair? Even if you do not see signs of brake damage, problems could be lurking beneath the surface. Brake failure often arises slowly over time, so it's not always easy to sense the changes until it's too late. The Experts at Prairie Road Automotive will make sure your brakes are up to par.

What to look for.

Do you or your passengers hear grinding or squeaking noises when you apply the brakes? Do you feel shaking, pulsating, or vibrating as you come to a stop? If so, your brakes may need more attention than you've been giving them. Your brakes are an incredibly important part of your car – after all, without them, it's impossible to stop! Failing brakes are a dangerous problem leading to accidents and injury that could have been easily prevented. When you're facing challenges, immediate service is absolutely imperative. Please review the items listed below.

  • A shaking or pulsating when stopping.
  • You've driven over 12,000 miles since your last brake inspection.
  • The brake warning lights appear on your car's dashboard and don't go off.
  • You feel a slight pull to one side when you hit the breaks.
  • Stopping takes more time than it used to.
  • The brake pedal responds slowly.
  • You feel a spongy feeling when you step on the brakes.
  • The brake pedal goes to the floor when you brake.
  • When something feels different it needs to be inspected.

If any of these factors apply to you, it's time to call or see the Experts at Prairie Road Automotive in Eugene, OR, our experts will help you make sure your brakes and brake pads are in perfect working order.

Brake Repairs from Prairie Road Automotive

Whether you're seeing signs of brake problems or simply want to be sure your car is in top condition, the automotive experts at Prairie Road Automotive are here to help. With decades of combined experience, our technicians have nearly seen it all. We have expertise in virtually all makes and models, providing access for the assistance you need no matter what kind of car you drive. We keep you informed every step of the way, providing excellent information and services including:

  • Diagnosis.
  • Brake pad replacement.
  • Brake shoe replacement.
  • Hose replacement.
  • Master cylinder service.
  • Wheel cylinder service.
  • Power booster repair and replacement.
  • Replacement of drums and rotors.

Ready to get started? Contact us at Prairie Road Automotive (541) 688-3346 for the comprehensive car services you deserve!